Coaxial cables


KX cables, according to 93-550, are used in professional electronic field or in electronic surveillance. They are used in applications requiring high cable flexibility and an indicator undergoing a minimum distortion and reduction.


NFC 93-550


1- Conductors :

Conductors consist of multi-strand solid copper.

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2- Dielectric

Conductors are insulated by a solid polyethylene layer having a natural color.
The thickness of insulation is such that the electrical requirements braiding are net. It is made up of red copper brad.

3- Outer sheath

The sheath consists of PVC complying with NF EN50290-2-22 standards. It is unleaded, flame retardant and does not spread flames (Category C2 according to NFC 32070 2.1) and resists to UV rays. It may be without halogens.

4- Marking on the sheath

Each meter the sheath has on a generator the following massage :
TUNISIE-CABLES KX106 ss/aa + metric marking (000001.m)
ss: week number
aa: year in 2 figures
Metric marking: xxxxxx m (6 characters followed by “m” for meters)


Minimum Insulation resistance (200VDC) > 5000
Line capacity: 67 nF/km


1- Anti-fire , does not spread flames - Category C2 NFC 32070 2.1
2- Operating temperature -10°C +70°C
3- These cables do not contain any substance referred to in the European Decree N° 2002/95/EC(RoHS) of January 27, 2003, relating to limiting the use of certain dangerous substances in electric and electronic equipment.