Founded in 1978, TUNISIE CABLES is a leader in the production of cables in Tunisia. It has taken advantage from the technological support of Teleco Cavi Company, Spa (Siemens) and Prysmian.

TUNISIE CABLES employs a workforce of 500 people including engineers and highly skilled technicians,  its turnover includes nearly 65% to export.
Leader in the cable industry, TUNISIE CABLES has combined production capacity to technological expertise to meet the growing demands of markets, being as essential as industry and infrastructure.

To be a leading enterprise, TUNISIE CABLES has established a quality assurance system, certified ISO 9001 version 2008.

The range of products TUNISIE CABLES focusing on diversity, all fully in accordance with the international standards IEC, including European standards, French NF, German VDE and British BS.

TUNISIE CABLES now offers a wide range :

  • Electrical cables of low and medium voltage
  • Cables for air connection
  • Telephone Cables
  • Cables for data transmission
  • Power wires and cables
  • Overhead distribution cables and instrumentation
  • Cables for specific application
  • Electrical wires for home use - Coaxial Cables - Other insulated wires and cables.
TUNISIE CABLES is one of the biggest suppliers of local market and counts among its customers the most important national companies such as STEG, SNCFT, cement industries, oil companies etc..

The company is increasingly active on African markets and has achieved a remarkable breakthrough in the European market, mainly French and German.
TUNISIE CABLES today will be involved in :
  • Maintaining its customers’ satisfaction at the highest level.
  • Actively contributing to the economic development of our country,
  • Developing its business on the international market by taking advantage of the geographical position of Tunisia, the free trade agreement with the European Union, and preferential agreements with Maghreb countries and various African countries.

High quality Service

  • Efficiency : TUNISIE CABLES vprovides you with advice and an immediate offer. The Trade department will answer your requests permanently through a spokesperson. Technical expertise meets your needs quickly.
  • Flexibility : TUNISIE CABLES has “tailor-made” department to meet your needs. Your instructions are fully taken into account when preparing your order to save you time.
  • Punctuality : TUNISIE CABLES guarantees punctuality and speed for the provision of your orders.