SERIE 298-299

Series 298 (Unscreened) & Series 299 (Screened)


A data cable for high flow transmission in local computer networks. Its transmission capacity may reach 130 Mbits/s. It is particulary suitable for the transmission of images, voice and data.


UTE C 93-531-12 and NF EN C 50288-2-1


1- Conductors :

Annealed copper with diameter of 0.5 mm.

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2- Insulation

Conductors are insulated by a high density polyethylene layer.
The thickness of insulation is such that the electrical and transmission characteristics are net.

3- Stranding

- Cabling element: Insulated conductors are assembled in pairs.
- Cabling of elements: four pairs are assembled together.

4- Wrapping :

The cable core is covered with a polyester tape making a mechanic and electric protection barrier.

5- Screen (only for serie 299 cables)

Over the cable wrapping is applied an aluminiun / polyester tape.

6- Drain Wire (only for serie 299 cables)

A solid tinned copper conductor of 0,5 mm diameter.

7- Sheath

The protection sheath consists of PVC in accordance with NF EN C 50290-2-22, which resists to UV rays complying with NF EN C 50290-2-27. It is unleaded and flame retardant. (Category C2 according to NFC 32070 2.1 or EN 50265-2-2).
The sheath color is selected by the customer.


Conductor maximum electric resistance --> 90 ? /km
Test voltage (DC, 1mn) --> 1 kV
Minimum Insulation resistance (200VCC) --> > 5000 M? .km
Nominal mutual capacitance at 800 Hz --> 55 nF/km
Imput impedance --> 100 ± 20 ?
Nominal velocity of propagation --> > 65 % de C.


- Flame retardant, does not spread flames - Category C2 NFC 32070 2.1
- Operating temperature -10°C +70° C
- Maximum voltage use 180V to 50hz
- These cables do not contain any substance referred to in the European Decree N° 2002/95/EC (RoHS) of January 27, 2003, relating to limiting the use of certain dangerous substances in electric and electronic equipment.