DATA + F/UTP CAT6A 500 2x4P


Shielded twisted pairs cable F/UTP which is used in a horizontal or vertical configuration.
It is made up of a central element PE cross facilitating the holding of the twisted pairs. Its shielding with a very high coverage allows him a use in a disturbed environment and in a correct operation up to 500 MHZ.
This cable is used for transmission of digital and analogue voice, Data and video signals.


ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B-2-1 ; ISO/IEC 11801 and EN 50288


1- Conductors :

Solid annealed copper having a diameter of 0,570 mm (AWG23).

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2- Insulation

Each conductor is insulated with a layer of solid polyethylene.
The radial thickness of the insulation is such that the electrical requirements are met.

3- Stranding

- Two wires are twisted together in pair.
- Four pairs are stranded together to form the core.
- The pairs are separated with a plastic cross.

4- Wrapping

A polyester wrapping tape is applied over the core.

5- Screen

Over the wrapped core cable is applied an aluminium tape, coated on one side with polyester.

6- Drain and continuity wire

A solid tinned copper conductor of 0.5 mm diameter is applied under the screen in contact with the aluminium face to ensure its continuity.

7- Rip cord

A polyester thread is applied under the outer sheath.

8- sheath

The sheath is of PVC or halogen-free compounds. (LSZH), flame retardant according to IEC 60332-1.
The colour depends to the customer.
A black ink marking is applied over the sheath every meter.