DATA + S/FTP CAT 7 4P -600 MHZ
DATA + S/FTP CAT 7 2X4P -600 MHZ


For connection of IT system units in the desktop area, between workstations and as riser cable up to 600 Mbit/s (category 7+). It fully complies with the requirements to electromagnetic compatibilty (EMC) of the European Standard EN 55022. Additional, the copper braiding ensures perfect matching with screened connectors.


NF EN 50173-1 ;ISO/IEC 11801 ; CEI 61156-5


1- Conductors :

Solid annealed copper AWG23.

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2- Insulation

Each conductor is insulated with 3 layers of polyethylene compound skin foam skin..

3- Stranding

- Two wires are twisted together in a pair..
- Each pair is screened with an overlapped laminated aluminium foil.
- The screened pairs are stranded together.

4- Overall screen

Braiding of tinned copper wire

5- Drain and continuity wire

A solid tinned copper conductor applied under the screen in contact with the aluminium face to ensure its continuity.

6- Rip cord

A polyester thread is applied under the outer sheath.

7- Sheath

LSZH compound