SYT1+ num -SYT2+ num


These cables are used for internal installations. They are particularly used for telephony distribution and ADSL.
These cables could be supplied without armor (SYT1+) or with armor (SYT2+) where mechanical damages could be expected.


UTE C 93-529-2


1- Conductors :

Conductors consist of solid copper having a diameter of 0.5(AWG24) and 0.8 (AWG 20).

2- Insulation of conductors :

Foam-skin polyethylene. 

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3- Standing :

. Units: two insulated conductors are assembled in pairs
. Units stranding :
- pairs are assembled in concentric cables having a capacity lower than 21 pairs
- Cables having a capacity of 21 pairs or more are assembled in bundles of 7 or 14 pairs

4- Core wrapping :

A dielectric polyester tape is applied over the cable core

5- Screen

Over the wrapped cable is applied a plastic coated aluminum foil.

6- Drain wire

It consists of tinned copper wire with a 0.45 mm diameter.

7- Inner sheath

The Inner Sheath (SYT2 +) / Outer sheath(SYT+) consist of unleaded PVC. It may be thermoplastic without halogens (LSOH).

8- Armor (for SYT2)

Over the inner sheath are applied two steel tapes with a thikness of 0,2 mm.

9- Outer sheath (for SYT2)

The sheath consist of unleaded PVC. or halogen free compound