J-H(St)H …Bd VDE 0815


These cables are suitable for indoors telecommunication fixed installation. These cables are halogen free and flame retardant. They are used in locations with fire hazard to reduce damage in case of fire.


VDE 0815 standard.


1- Conductors :

Each conductor consists of a solid wire of annealed, grade A copper, having a diameter of 0,6 mm or 0,8 mm.

2- Insulation :

Each conductor is insulated with a FRNC compound

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3- Standing :

- Four conductors to form a star quad.
- Five quads to form a bundle.
- Bundles assembled in layers.

4- Wrapping :

A polyester wrapping tape is applied over the cable core.

5- Screen

Over the wrapped core is applied a plastic coated aluminum foil.

6- Drain wire

The drain wire is an annealed copper having a diameter 0,6 mm for cables with conductor diameter 0,6 mm and 0,8 mm for cables with conductor diameter 0,8 mm.

7- Sheath

The sheath is an FRNC compound.


1- Capacity (800 Hz) --> Max.120 nF/km
2- Insulation resistance --> Min.100M? .km
3- Electrical resistance
---0,6 mm conductors --> Max.130? /km
---0,8 mm conductors --> Max.73,2? /km
4- Capacity unbalance at (800 Hz) --> Max.300pF/100ml
5- Test voltage 800 V
6- Operating voltage 300V


- Operating temperature (-30 : +70° C )
- Halogen free
- Fire retardancy according to EN 50266-2-4 IEC 60332-3-24
- Low smoke generation
- No emission of corrosive gases