These are transmission cables made for the exchange of equivalent and digital signals in static networks in Austria. They are used as connection cables in telephone, fax, telex and modem systems as well as security system, fire alarm, internal announcement and entry checking systems.
They are also used for signs, sound frequency and data transfer where there is electronic information exchange which requires rays of short curvatures and short distances.
They bring about an easy use for tight places thanks to their good flexibility.


K35 OVE (Austria)


1- Conductors :

Conductors consist of a solid copper with a nominal diameter of 0.6 mm or 0.8 mm.

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2- Insulation of conductors :

Conductors are insulated with PVC.

3- Standing :

Assembled pairs.
The wires are identified according to OVE K35-1997

4- Core wrapping

A dielectric polyester tape is applied over the cable core

5- Screen

Over the wrapped core cable is applied a plastic coated aluminum foil.

6- Drain wire

The Drain wire consists of tinned copper with a diameter of 0.5 mm.

7- Outer sheath

Outer sheath consist of PVC.
The sheath color may be grey RAL 7035. (For fire alarm system, the sheath color is red)


1- Capacity (800 Hz) Max.100 nF/km
2- Insulation resistance Min.100M? .km
3- Electrical resistance
0,6 mm conductors Max.130? /km
0,8 mm conductors Max.73,2? /km
4- Capacity unbalance at (800 Hz) Max.300pF/100ml
5- Test voltage 800 V
6- Operating voltage 300V