SERIES 88 & 89


These cables are for exterior use in local networks. They are plastic-wrapped suitable for underground installations in ducts.


UTE C 93-526 and UTE C 93-527-2


1- Conductors :

Each conductor consists of solid copper having a diameter of 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 mm

2- Insulation of conductors :

Conductors are insulated by a solid polyethylene layer.
The insulator is direct and such thick so as the electric specifications are respected.

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3- Stranding :

- Element of cabling: insulated conductors are assembled in Star Quads
- Cabling elements:
· Quads are assembled in concentric cables having a capacity of 8 pairs, 14 pairs and 28 pairs.
· Cables with 56 pairs are assembled in basic bundles of 14 pairs
· Cables having a capacity higher than 56 pairs are assembled in basic bundles of 28 pairs

4- Core wrapping

A dielectric polyester tape is applied over the cable core.

5- Screen

Over the cables core cover is applied an aluminium tape.

6- Drain wire

The Drain wire consists of tinned copper and has a diameter of 0.5 mm.

7- Outer sheath

The sheath consists of low density polyethylene. It is black and contains 2.5 +- 0.5 mm of carbon black. It is complying with the European standards requirements EN 50290-2-24.